New song: The Other Side of the Faultline

Here’s a new song I made with Gawain Mathews, Leah Jones and Emilie Rohrbach. I co-wrote it with my friend Jason Roberts, best known as the author of “A Sense of the World.” You can download this song at or listen to it at All proceeds from Bandcamp downloads go to Blanket The Homeless, the amazing project created by my friend, Ken Newman.

Went all the way west  ’til I hit the blue

Had to get to land’s end then start anew

Don’t remember anymore what I thought I’d find

But I’m 30 years closer to the other side of the faultline

Sugar, I’m a salt mine

Maybe this is all I’m ever gonna be

Steady to a fault, I’m breaking at the same time

Came out of the flame, I’m ashes on the sea

Well, my father said “Run from the shaky ground”

“Better do as I did, turn yourself around”

Dad, I never had the need to settle down

Didn’t blame ya then, don’t blame ya now for the faultline

Running through the salt time

Way below the wall, I’m tunneled underneath

Waiting for a chance, I’m patient like a landmine

Not the way I planned I’m always gonna be…

Perpetually in motion

Chasing the sea change

Dying to be growing

Going up in flame

Show me the last place here to see the setting sun

Future island on the other side of Highway One

As it tears away slow like a summer night

I can watch you letting go from the other side of the faultline

Knowing it was all mine

Slowing to a crawl, I’m struggling to breathe

It isn’t your fault, I’m guarded like a vault,

I’m burning down the wall,

I’m ashes on the sea


Words & Music by Drew Pearce and Jason Roberts.
Vocals: Drew Pearce
Guitar, keyboard: Gawain Mathews
Bass: Jason Roberts
Harmony vocals: Leah Jones, Emilie Rohrbach
Recorded, engineered and mixed by Gawain Mathews