San Francisco Bay Area house concerts

Coming soon to Inside Lands:

Saturday, February 1
Josh McIntosh + Tony Hannah (formerly Millie Mason)
Alex Webber of Hangover Sessions
San Anselmo, California
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Saturday, February 8
Jimbo Scott (Poor Man’s Whiskey)
San Rafael, California
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Saturday, March 7
The Musers
Sebastopol, California
Reserve seats by email request

Sunday, March 29
Graham Patzner + Azuah + Ira Marlowe
The Monkey House Theater in Berkeley, California
Reserve seats by email request

Saturday, April 4
Noe Venable + Petracovich
Sebastopol, California
Reserve seats by email request

Saturday, May 30
Forest Sun
San Rafael, California
Reserve seats by email request

New song: The Other Side of the Faultline

Here’s a new song I made with Gawain Mathews, Leah Jones and Emilie Rohrbach. I co-wrote it with my friend Jason Roberts, best known as the author of “A Sense of the World.” You can download this song at or listen to it at All proceeds from Bandcamp downloads go to Blanket The Homeless, the amazing project created by my friend, Ken Newman.

Went all the way west  ’til I hit the blue

Had to get to land’s end then start anew

Don’t remember anymore what I thought I’d find

But I’m 30 years closer to the other side of the faultline

Sugar, I’m a salt mine

Maybe this is all I’m ever gonna be

Steady to a fault, I’m breaking at the same time

Came out of the flame, I’m ashes on the sea

Well, my father said “Run from the shaky ground”

“Better do as I did, turn yourself around”

Dad, I never had the need to settle down

Didn’t blame ya then, don’t blame ya now for the faultline

Running through the salt time

Way below the wall, I’m tunneled underneath

Waiting for a chance, I’m patient like a landmine

Not the way I planned I’m always gonna be…

Perpetually in motion

Chasing the sea change

Dying to be growing

Going up in flame

Show me the last place here to see the setting sun

Future island on the other side of Highway One

As it tears away slow like a summer night

I can watch you letting go from the other side of the faultline

Knowing it was all mine

Slowing to a crawl, I’m struggling to breathe

It isn’t your fault, I’m guarded like a vault,

I’m burning down the wall,

I’m ashes on the sea


Words & Music by Drew Pearce and Jason Roberts.
Vocals: Drew Pearce
Guitar, keyboard: Gawain Mathews
Bass: Jason Roberts
Harmony vocals: Leah Jones, Emilie Rohrbach
Recorded, engineered and mixed by Gawain Mathews

New music video: “Fight or Flight” featuring Jeff Campbell of Static & Surrender

Here’s something fun that happened. A few weeks before the 2016 election, after a series of sleepless nights, I woke up before dawn with this song in my head.

Up until then, I’d been in a creative drought for years. But the tension of the campaign ended up inspiring me in unexpected ways. For the first time in 8 years, I’d finished a song I felt good about.

So I asked my friend Jeff Campbell—leader of Pine & Battery, Static & Surrender and one of my musical heroes—if he’d produce the track. He went a step further and ended up playing guitar, arranging vocals, and writing the intro and bridge for the song.

Hard to put into words how lucky I feel to have such a supportive friend. Big thanks also to the fantastically talented Gawain Mathews for capturing the Kings of Leon meets Pete Yorn sound I had in my head, and to Rick Munoz who rocked like a thunder god on the drums.

When you download my song “Fight or Flight” at, 100% of my proceeds will be donated to UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency who are helping refugee children and families receive life-saving relief and support.

Thanks for listening and supporting the cause!


Q: How can I get involved in hosting a music party at my place?
A: I love collaborating with other people who want to give songwriters a place to perform. If you have a place that can fit 40-50 people and would like to have me organize, promote and co-host a show at your home, send me an email and let’s talk about possible dates and artists.

Q: Are these music parties open to the public? 
A: Yes. Though these are private parties, anyone can request an invitation. Just send me an email and let me know which show you want to see.

Q: How can I get invitations to these gatherings?
A: Just send me an email and let me know which show you’d like to attend. I’ll reply with address and details.

Q: Who gets the audience donations?
A: 100% of the donations at the shows and on go to the performers. One of my main motivations for creating the Inside Lands series was to support the indie musicians I love and try to help them earn a living from their art.

Q: Is this a business? Are you a professional music promoter?
A: No. This is my hobby.

Q: Why are you doing this? 
A: Just for fun. I’m a former performing songwriter who still loves hearing bands play in listening rooms and small venues where the audience is there more for the music than the social scene. A lot of those venues have closed, so my friends and I are doing what we can to create alternative venues in living rooms, yoga studios and wine tasting rooms.

Q: How can I get booked as a featured performer? 
A: If you’re a singer-songwriter who’d like to perform at Inside Lands, introduce yourself in person at our next event. Booking decisions are shared by the homeowner co-hosts. Most shows are solo singer/songwriters performing in the round, and I lean toward San Francisco Bay Area acoustic acts that don’t need a PA. But I always love being introduced to new music, especially if you play indie folk, chamber pop, or Americana rock. Check out past performers to get an idea of what I tend to present.