In through the outside: why we’re all about creating listening rooms

When last year’s Outside Lands festival was announced, the lineup included so many of my favorite bands, I had a nearly Pavlovian reflex to grab tickets as fast as possible.

Then I mind drifted back to that Bottlerock moment when the loud talkers in front of us managed to drown out The Cure with their chatter. I heard one of them ask the other, “Who is this band?” They seem truly annoyed that the band was interrupting their party.

That’s when I knew I was fully over the festival scene. I started wondering why we couldn’t create an alternative scene where music-loving, semi-agoraphobic peeps like me could actually hear the bands they came to see.

My low-tech, no-brainer solution was to revive my house concert series and rename it “Inside Lands”.

So if you’re one of the ones who still craves the live music experience, but could do without the loud bar crowds, come hang out with us.